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What is Emotional Negligence in childhood?

What is Emotional Negligence in childhood?

Almost everyone realizes that what happens to us in childhood has an effect on those of us who become adults. The good and the bad: rewards, achievements, abuse or abuse. Everything has an impact. But there is another childhood factor that has an effect equal to or even greater than the prizes, theabuse or even abuse. This is a factor that people cannot see or remember. It is invisible Is named emotional abandonment.


  • 1 What is emotional neglect
  • 2 Consequences of emotional abandonment in children
  • 3 The lack of self-esteem that is generated in these cases

What is emotional negligence

Emotional Malpractice It is the failure of the parents to respond sufficiently to the emotional needs of the child.

Emotional neglect is, in a way, the opposite of abuse or abuse. While abuse and abuse are caused by the actions of the parents, Emotional negligence is due to parental omission. It is a failure to notice, attend or respond appropriately to a child's feelings. Because it is an act of omission, it is not visible, noticeable or memorable. Emotional neglect is the blank space in the family box; the background instead of foreground. It is insidious and overlooked, while doing its silent damage to people's lives.

Consequences of emotional abandonment in children

Children who are emotionally neglected grow up having a particular set of struggles. Because your emotions they were not validated as children, they can have difficulty knowing and trusting your own emotions as adults. They may have difficulty understanding their own feelings, as well as those of others. Because an important part of them (their emotional self) has refused, they find themselves feeling disconnected, dissatisfied or empty. They may have difficulty trusting or trusting others. Many describe the feeling that they are different from other people; as if something is wrong with them, but they are not sure what it is.

Another way parents can, without knowing it, emotionally neglect their child is stop giving them enough structure and rules to live, such as discipline and learning the consequence of their actions. As a result, emotionally neglected children often struggle with self-discipline as if they were adults.

The lack of self-esteem that is generated in these cases

Whatever the level of failure of the parents, who has suffered emotional neglect does not have enough knowledge and lacks explanations to rationalize their current difficulties. So, too often, they blame themselves and have very low self-esteem.

Today, emotional neglect has been overlooked too many times. Because it is invisible, it has nothing special, as it is the absence of something (emotional validation), so it has been largely overshadowed by more visible issues, such as abuse and trauma.

The objective of this article is to shed light on this powerful but invisible force. To give people a common language to talk about it, and to offer an explanation to the dozens of people who are suffering in silence, wondering what is wrong with them.