Interview with Dr. Rosa Vera about Forensic Psychology

Interview with Dr. Rosa Vera about Forensic Psychology

Without a doubt, psychology gives us a lot of knowledge. In fact it is present in many areas. This time we are lucky to have Dr. Rosa Vera from her cabinet Vertices Psychologists to talk about Forensic psychology. But not before thanking the attention given by this great professional with a long history and extensive experience. For this, first of all, Dr. Vera, thank you very much for your attention. It is a pleasure to interview you.

Good morning Dr. Vera first of all we would like you to present your website and what services they offer, even if we are going to influence forensic psychology.

Our website is focused on showing in a professional and didactic way the psychology services we offer.

Apart from being the fundamental tool of promotion and communication of S. XXI, we seek that the possible patient or client have an approximation to the different types of therapy, methodologies and services that we offer. As I said before, from a didactic point of view, without excessive technicalities or professional jargon, so that you can not only know how we work, but also can make a preselection of those services or therapies that suit you best. It is true that the final methodology to be used will depend on each case (each person has a unique circumstance) and must be previously evaluated by the professional, but it is very helpful that people have an objective and serious source of information different facets of the polyhedron of psychology.

Likewise, we provide our website with current content such as news and blog, as well as publications made by Vértices Psicólogos in different media and also some entertainment content with psychological challenges.

When did you start to be interested in the world of psychology and more specifically in forensic psychology?

This was almost ten years ago, when I realized that in the judicial context, especially in cases of divorce, there was a significant lack of knowledge about the important impact at the level of psycho-emotional development that can lead to inadequate custody of children. , especially minors.

Doctor, can you give us a brief definition of Forensic Psychology?

The objective of Forensic Psychology is to provide the necessary knowledge in the context of the judicial process, which allows a psychological assessment and evaluation of the people involved in said process, in order to make the corresponding report which will provide proper advice and support in the procedure .

How can Forensic Psychology help us?

Forensic Psychology will contribute to the judicial process some psychological instruments and techniques that will allow the objective assessment of the people who are involved in the judicial situation, enabling the elaboration of a technical report that helps the judges in their decision work.

How do you see this area in our country? Are we sufficiently trained in such discipline? Do you think it is necessary to spread forensic psychology more?

In our opinion, the most important problem at the moment would be the lack of sufficient equipment in the Spanish Courts, even the non-existence of them, so one team must attend several. There is a large accumulation of files, which implies that in a judicial process, the issuance of the valuation can be delayed up to a year or more. Therefore, people must go to the private sector, assuming the cost of preparing this evaluation.

A priori, some people may wonder why the term forensic is used or what relationship does it have with it? Can you clarify it for us?

It is a question that many patients ask me, also family and friends. The term "forensic" is very broad, it is related to everything related to the "forum", but the vast majority of people relativize it to aspects related to medicine and death, as well as police or prosecutorial activities. Obviously this is not the case in relation to forensic psychology, a corpse cannot be given therapy.

Forensic psychology becomes a line of activity that seeks to help and support the justice administration process by collecting data and facts from the individual or people from their relational environment and analyzing all this information with a specific methodology and, if I may To say it, rational and objective, attending to the expert nature of this activity. The expert report prepared by the forensic psychologist can be technical and probative in a courtroom, to a greater or lesser extent as determined by the court, helping the final decision making.

Therefore, the forensic psychologist not only needs to be trained in this specialized branch, in addition to sufficient experience in this area, but also requires an understanding of the substantive and procedural logic of Law in the relevant jurisdiction in order to perform psychological assessments and analysis. -lawful and interact appropriately with judges, prosecutors, defenders and other professionals of the judicial process.

With whom or what agencies does a forensic psychology professional like you usually collaborate and vice versa?

We collaborate with lawyers, whether family or criminal proceedings, and provide our services at the request of the judges themselves when they deem it necessary and we are appointed by them.

What does forensic psychology have that does not have another specialty?

Forensic psychology is an expert psychological counsel in a legal process, in order to obtain objective conclusions about a particular lawsuit. It is not, in any case, a therapeutic process, since it should be limited solely and exclusively to the evaluation of a situation at a specific time.

What technical and human team does the Vertices Psychologists cabinet have?

In our team, we have qualified professionals, having completed the corresponding accreditation training and with enough years of experience to be able to issue a technical and professional report.

Do we also observe bilingual services in Vertices Psychologists? Very interesting without a doubt Can you tell us more about it?

The professionals who are part of our team provide their services, in addition to Spanish, English and French. These services are usually very frequently demanded by people in a situation of expatriation in our country. It is essential that the therapeutic process is carried out in the language of origin, since the emotional expression, of not mastering completely, the second language is usually complicated and lose the expressive nuances.

What part of the web do you especially recommend? since we see an interesting very informative blog, not forgetting multimedia content.

In particular I would recommend all sections related to ailments, disorders and methodologies, for all those who seek to investigate something else in what may be happening to them or what they are feeling and do not understand. Our blog seeks to disseminate content of interest that can be useful to many people, related to the world of psychology, emotions, relationships, food and much more, or simply satisfy curiosity.

For all those who, whether they are psychology professionals or not, want to expand their knowledge or improve certain techniques and methodologies, we offer our workshops, courses and seminars section.

We see that they offer training. Can you briefly talk about it?

Yes, we have structured our training offer on three levels, focused both on individuals who want or seek personal improvement through sessions dedicated to a specific topic or aspect of psychology, as well as professionals who seek improvement in some techniques and methodologies.

We offer workshops, courses and seminars, these being focused, as I mentioned before, in three levels of depth so that the participant can learn or train according to their level of knowledge or progress.

What is the case that has impacted you the most in your professional career so far and why?

The case, and those that still have an important impact on me, is sexual or physical abuse of minors. Abuses cause profound damage to children who suffer from it and are often very difficult to express because of fear and shame. However, when the person moves forward, it is a great satisfaction for the professional, and it is one of the main reasons why it is worth continuing in this work.

Do you remember your first patient as a psychologist?

Yes, that is never forgotten, keep in mind that when a professional starts on such a delicate task as the treatment of another person's illness and the work is done from the sincere will to improve the patient or resolve their conflicts and, there is a vocation and internal motivation of the psychologist, the lack of a previous experience creates anxiety in the psychologist himself and this leaves a mark for life, whether this improvement was achieved or not achieved. This feedback is always positive in a vocational and committed psychologist, success has been achieved with the patient or not, since it allows the continuous improvement of the professional.

In my specific case and as a climax to your question, my first patient managed to improve and achieve the objectives I was looking for, I am sorry that I cannot give you even the smallest details of his objectives or how he achieved them, psychologists must strictly adhere to the Code of Ethics and we cannot reveal any details of the patients or clients that come to us.

If he had not worked in this sector, what would he have done?

The fact is that, before my current dedication, I was developing an entrepreneurial work, as administrative director in a multinational company, and I abandoned that path to dedicate myself to my great vocation, to help people feel well-being at a psychological level. And, by extension, on a physical level since much of our physical ailments may have a psychological origin or be affected by it, although this topic would give for another interview!

Apart from forensic psychology, what other services are offered in Vertices Featured psychologists?

Our team is made up of a group of eclectic psychologists and psychotherapists, specialized in various areas, techniques and methodologies, to be able to cover as much as possible the needs that our clients pose. We have specialists in the treatment of partner problems such as ADHD (hyperactivity and / or attention deficit) in children, adolescents and adults, as well as treatment of addictions, anxiety problems and depression. Many of our patients only come looking for a personal improvement or improvement in their relations with the environment, they do not bring a concrete and limited ailment.

Likewise, we also provide mediation services, be it couples, family, civil or commercial; coaching and mentoring services, both executive and personal and psychonutrition services, to treat food intake problems such as anorexia, bulimia and obesity.

We know that due to its popularity it has appeared in numerous media. Do you think the media is a good tool to help spread its work? In reference to false news which do a lot of damage to the veracity of information.

Psychology or, rather, therapeutic work is still misunderstood by a large part of the population. While it is true, that people have clearly advanced in the knowledge of what a therapeutic process means, there is still a certain "fear" of what this type of work entails. But we must not forget that our brain is an organ, and we must take care of it just as we would if we had an upset in our stomach or liver. Therefore, the fact that the media invite psychology professionals is essential so that our work is better known.

How does Vertices Psychologists get among the most prestigious mental health centers of the moment?

We try, at all times, to provide the most appropriate professional services to each of our patients, within the framework of permanent professional recycling and expansion of our training, for each and every one of Vértices' collaborators.

Would you recommend Dr. Vera Psychoactive?

Undoubtedly, we are in the s. XXI, the century of information technologies and also the century of emotions, we are taking an evolutionary leap like the one given by homo sapiens 300,000 years ago, we may not be fully aware, but we will evolve towards the “homo informaticus” and towards the "homo motus", if we do not know how to correctly balance this evoilutive leap, possibly and, unfortunately, we will end up in the "homo burrus". Psychoactive It is a "portal" and, I say in quotation marks, which opens psychology to broad citizens, whether they are more or less experts in the field, disseminating useful and interesting content, whether for the acquisition of knowledge or forever and healthy curiosity.

Well, thank you very much, it has certainly been a very interesting and productive interview by a great professional such as Dr. Vera de Vértices Psicólogos.

Interview conducted by David Álvarez