Suffering, although it may not seem like it, has a positive side

Suffering, although it may not seem like it, has a positive side

“In pain there is as much wisdom as in pleasure; both are two great conservative forces of the species ” Friedrich Nietzsche

Traumatic experiences and suffering

Traumatic experiences cause a great disorder in the person who suffers them. But in addition to the ravages, suffering also produces benefits and one of them is personal enrichment.

When someone has been fired from a job, he suffers great pain. In the first moments it is normal to feel dejected and desperate, but you also have to know that everything is not negative. This experience also teaches, although we wish we had never gone through it.

The person's struggle against this traumatic circumstance also causes them to experience inner growth and improve as a person. Of course, we are not all the same and everyone perceives feelings in their own way. However, this experience also makes us grow inwardly and become better people than we were before.

Types of Growth caused by suffering

Two psychologists Calhoun and Tedeshi concluded that people can experience three types of growth:

  • In the first place, we realize that we are able to face these types of situations. If we overcome something so hard, surely we can with what they propose.
  • Second, friends and family are more appreciated, because they are usually there. They are not all, only the best, and this helps us realize the degree of appreciation they have for us and how much we need them. There is also the need to help others and that can increase our social relationships and their quality.
  • Third, the scale of values ​​is also changed and the small details of life begin to be given importance.

Not everything is negativeTherefore, there is also a positive part that can help us improve and face other types of situations, because you never know. What is certain is that you have to take your life with optimism and see the positive side because that can help us as it helped the lion of the following fable:

Once upon a time there was a jungle where three lions lived. One day they were summoned by the eagle president to attend a meeting. When the day came, the eagle told them that they were there because one of them would be elected king.

Since they were very friends, they decided not to fight each other. Then the eagle resolved that the king would be the one who climbed the highest and steepest mountain in the jungle, the Hard Mountain.

The next day he started climbing. The first lion could not arrive, the second either and the third also fell defeated.

The people who were there to see the show thought they would have to wait a little longer to have a king. But suddenly the eagle took the floor and cried in a powerful voice "I know who the king should be!" The people looked at her in amazement. The eagle continued saying: “I heard what each lion said when climbing the mountain. The first and the second exclaimed: mountain you have defeated me! And the third shouted: mountain you have defeated me, for now !, the difference between them, added the eagle is that the third lion had a winning attitude and that is what our people deserve! ”