How colors affect our mood

How colors affect our mood

Did you know that, depending on the colors we see, we can alter our mood? In this articleWe tell you why this happens and how each color affects us.


  • 1 How do colors affect our mood?
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How do colors affect our mood?

Throughout history, color has always been used by humanity to express different emotions. Art has been one of those who has best known how to play with this element to create works through which to transmit sensations and emotions to those who contemplate them.

Another field that has studied in depth the psychology of color is that of the advertising and marketing. Thus, the majority of products that we consume are presented framed with certain colors depending on the audience they want to reach and the emotions they want to generate in the consumer.

This extends to the rest of aspects of life and, of course, to our day to day, since the colors that we see during the course of our day affect much more than we believe in our mood.

In this way, through the use of colors we can influence our mood and get a more positive attitude or, on the contrary, we can have a greater tendency to negative emotions Like sadness

To learn more about how colors affect moods, it is important to know how to differentiate between cold and warm colors first. This is important to visualize in a chromatic range and can be distinguished very easily.

Among those that are known as warm colors are shades such as red, orange, yellow, green, as well as all those that come from them. They are colors that are very associated with vitality, to energy and, in general, to more positive emotions, so they are indicated for people who want to encourage this type of sensations.

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Cold colors and warm colors

Red, for example, is the color that is associated with passion, love and energy. It is the most intense color of all, the most striking and, therefore, also the most daring, so it says a lot about the person who uses it.

Experts say that the color red can greatly improve the mood in people suffering from depression, or who have a tendency to suffer from disorders such as anxiety, anxiety or sadness. It is a color that can be used very well in these cases to combat these feelings.

The green color, meanwhile, is closely related to calm and tranquility. It is, therefore, the color ideal for those who suffer stress and nervousness in their lives, since this tone can bring them much peace.

Blue is also associated with serenity, as well as security and trust. It is a good color to use, therefore, in work settings. Yellow, meanwhile, is the color of creativity and energy.

On the other hand, there are colors called cold. In this range they would find colors like gray, dark blue, black or white. They are tones that are also usually more neutral and are associated with other types of emotions, although they do not have to be negative.

Thus, the black color is closely linked to elegance, as this is a very sober tone. The same thing happens with gray, although this is mostly associated with balance and order. They are also very common colors and used in numerous areas.

How to use the colors

As you can see, colors have their own personality and affect our emotions differently. For this reason it is important to consider this type of detail when, for example, decorating our home.

In this type of context it is recommended bet on colors that make you feel the way you want and that more fit with your way of being. This is also taken to the field of clothing and clothing, since the color we wear says a lot about us to others.

Likewise, we will also feel one way or another depending on the color we choose for our clothes and to present ourselves to society. We can feel more secure, convey elegance or, on the contrary, waste vitality and have a more daring attitude towards life.

As you can see, the colors affect us more than we think. That is why we have to be especially cautious when decorating our home, for example. Make colors play in your favor and improve your mood!